Syntax Highlighting post

You're all programmers, right? And you're writing code snippets on your Sculpin powered blog? Yeah. So you want some highlighting with your static site generation? Here you go!

namespace Foo;

 * Awesome Contrived Example.
class Bar implements BarInterface
    private $baz;

    public function __construct(BazInterface $baz)
        $this->baz = $baz;

    public function doIt()
        return $this->baz->do('it');

You can also use fenced code blocks with a syntax declaration at the top. You can use either ~ or ` to mark them.

if ($fencedCodeBlock->syntax !== 'PHP') {
    throw new UnexpectedValueException("wat");

Like this addition to the skeleton? You can thank for @Pawka for suggesting it. :)

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